Thursday, April 5, 2012

My weekend of FIRSTS . . .

My week started off fairly normal. Then I learned that I was turning 29! Yep, that's right. I only have one year left before the BIG 30. I don't really feel freaked out though, cause I'm still told I look like a 16 year old...thanks mom for the baby face. Ha.

"First" number 1.
I turned 29. That's only going to happen once in my life. Yep. On March 31, I became a year older. Thanks to family for spoiling me, friends for all the facebook messages, and my kids for wanting to sing happy birthday over and over and eat sweet treats.

"First" number 2.
We got Judah his first big guy bike with training wheels. He thinks he is so cool. The first day was a little slow just learning how to peddle. But by the second day, you would've thought he'd been riding for months. He loves his new helmet, wears daddy's softball gloves (cause he thinks it makes him cooler), and wants to jump on and go up and down the street all day long. He's growing up too fast.

"First" number 3.
Ireland got to ride in a swing. It was so sweet. She loved every minute of it and Judah loved having the companion. I wish I had the picts to show you, which leads me to number 4.

"First" number 4.
I had to get a new phone because my mic on my old phone had a malfunction. Luckily it was covered under warranty. I thought I backed up my phone this morning before heading into apple, but forgot I had to manually sync my photos and videos because I have too much on my phone and need to go through and organize it all. I only lost 1 weeks worth of stuff...but it had both Judah learning to ride his bike, and Izzy's first swing ride on there...bummer I know...but we can capture it again and pretend it's the first time...=) Good news- I just remembered that I uploaded videos to youtube...(as you'll see above, I luckily have those 2 "firsts" photos, just the videos) This is my fourth phone in about a 2-year span. Between Judah dropping it twice on tile, leaving it on my car and then watching it get run over after I realized where it was, I invested in an Otter Box Defender Case and haven't had any troubles with phones breaking! If you have kids, an Otter Box is definitely worth the investment! Maybe not too fashion forward, but Judah can play games on it, throw it across a room, and it's still brand new underneath the case...gotta love it. Available at REI.

Well, that's the majority of my firsts. But it was definitely an eventful week. And it will continue to be eventful as Easter approaches, and Joe's birthday is on April 10 more celebrating is ahead! I love the spring. I love experiencing new things too. I like to keep my "everydays" interesting.

Till next time.