Monday, December 12, 2011

Child proof door purchase on my list.

My two-year old has decided he wants to be a baby again and get special attention in the middle of the night. He wakes up and walks into our room demanding a bottle aka milk around 2am. My two-month old on the other hand sleeps from about 8pm-5am...I should be a happy mom getting lots of sleep, but Judah thinks otherwise in the sleep department.

I think I've mentioned before, I'm pretty sure his love language is physical touch. He loves cuddling and being close to whoever will give him attention. Good news for me since my love language is the same- but bad news since he is no longer confined to a crib which is much easier for the "cry it out" method.

We have tried lots of different suggestions, and I've received lots of great mom advice- but I think I'm officially going for the door lock at this point. Child abuse? I think not. I'm pretty sure it's going to be my sanity at this point. Great for tantrums, bed and nap times.

I'll let you know our progress once they are purchased and installed. My sweet little boy who gets his way now (due to my exhaustion in the middle of the night) is in for a surprise once he attempts his first escape.

Love and door locks!

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Liska Cole said...

you've got your hands full with that little man, that's for sure!!