Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gymnastics debut . . .

In an effort to get out of the house on Mondays and Fridays (my days at home with the kids) I decided to sign Judah up for gymnastics. We tested out our first class today at Trick's and I have to say it was a HUGE success. Judah loved every minute of it and was quite entertaining to watch. I was a little nervous, cause you never know how a 2 year old can react in various situations. It was either going to be a hit or a major failure . . . Luckily for this experience . . . it was a major hit! This isn't the best pictures, but his smile says it all:

They began with following some simple instructions in circle time, sang a song, then watched a demonstration of various activities to do in the toddler area. Judah's eyes immediately lit up when he saw the teacher climb up a ramp and jump in the foam pit. Needless to say, we spent the next 20 minutes of play time climbing a ramp, jumping in the foam pit, and sliding down the next ramp. He was in toddler gymnastics heaven. These eyes say it all:

We moved from there to free time - climbing foam structures and running down the long trampoline. Then, the next highlights of the day- the teacher drew with chalk on a trampoline and each kid took turns jumping from the square to the circle, singing ring around the rosie and bouncing all around. Judah could hardly wait his turn he was so excited to "perform" for everyone. He enjoyed the applause after completing his turn too.

It's a parent involvement class, so I was carrying Izzy in the bjorn the entire class which worked out well. But Judah decided he wanted to hang out with the teacher more than me (probably cause she could throw him around a little more). His favorite was laying on the parachute and having the teacher slide him down to the center when lifting it up. Then jumping on the bubbles, banging the drum sticks and so much more. The class was structured very well and moved quickly from one thing to the next. We had a great experience for sure. He got stamps on his hands, toes and tummy at the end of the class:
I just bought the Groupon My Gym class so we are going to test that one out next and decide which gym we like more. All I know is that Judah thrives in situations like this. He loves to be active, try new things, and loves the structure of these types of classes (especially since I stay there the whole time too). We made some new friends and we are going to make gymnastics part of our weekly routine now! I would definitely suggest it as a MUST if you like to get out of the house!

Here is Judah jumping with the teacher:

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aubrey said...

Glad to hear it was such a great success!! Right there up his alley.