Monday, June 17, 2013

best vacation ever . . . reality check

it's true. we had one of the best vacations yet! celebrating 5 years of marriage and getting some alone time doesn't really get much better. top it off with great weather, ocean view room, all-inclusiveness (i know that's not a word), we were on a high.

the only problem is, i'm having a hard time getting back into real-world mode. i was able to read two books, eat warm meals, lay out at the pool (without being clung to by a 3 and 1 year old), have uninterrupted conversations with joe, go to the bathroom in peace, and so much more (you know without the kiddos around.)

don't worry, i did miss them! we actually face-timed them every night (technology these days!) but the little moments of quiet, were oh so sweet! i would do it all over again tomorrow! it was actually a nice reality check for joe and i to make sure we get another vacation on the calendar longer than just a weekend getaway (or it won't ever happen.)

did i tell you already, we got a steal of a deal? the trip was 4 nights, 5 days to an all-inclusive resort, "dreams los cabos" for only $399 (total, not per person!) add in airfaire, we only paid $1200 for the trip. well worth the investment! yes, yes, we had to sit through a 90-minute presentation, but it was an easy "no." (you can listen to those details over at our podcast Space Three when it gets posted shortly, pretty funny.)

back to reality it is. i like to think of myself as a free spirit. i see life always with the glass full and spilling over but realizing lately that I let life happen to me instead of really making choices to grow. with that said, things i'm considering doing to make my life more productive because this quote keeps haunting me "by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" (thanks Benjamin Franklin).

1. creating a schedule for the kiddos on our days home. i have to get in a routine of doing it. i'm searching out ideas on Pinterest but could totally use your help!

2. meal plan anyone? i've been seeing on instagram lately the success of meal planning. one of these days i'm going to jump on the bandwagon. not only to eat healthier, but to save money. gotta do it. can somebody just email me there's? I know there are blogs out there, but i get so overwhelmed. maybe you could come live with my family for a week and help me do it. (again, haunted by the quote above)

3. memory verses with the kids? i saw this genius app on pinterest the other day and i'm totally considering using it with the kids (mainly for myself, but the kids motivation will actually help me do it). check this out (she really sucked me in when talking about how cheesy the book was too...i might have to design one- could be fun project...) the app link only $2.99 in the store- for some reason i was just really pulled into what she had to say. i want my home to be a place where the Bible is spoken often.

to keep it short and sweet (which i never can seem to do) i'll stop with 3 things. those 3 things are HUGE things that will take a lot of work and "preparation" for it to really make it work. even better of a word than "preparation" could be "organization." i seem to be able to get organized at work (to some extent) but i haven't got control over organizing the home yet. like i said, it's what's ahead for me.

back to reality i go. i want to succeed in life. don't you?


Deanne said...

Laine, you are doing great! The first step to feeling peaceful at home is reognizing you're doing the best you can! Make it easy; make it simple. We grill a LOT bc its easiest. We blend our breakfasts with kale & spinach. Want sushi or something the kids dont like? Mac n cheese for the kids... Its ok! I had a culture shock when we came back from vacay too. I think it is because someone was setting different standards for our kids & we had to readapt them to ours. Having a stressful moment, naps for everyone!! You're a great Mom, your kiddos adore you, you adore them.. thats all that matters! Make life as simple, easy as you can for you guys. This phase in life won't last forever! <}

Kelly Sapp said...

I agree completely with what Deanne said! When I was in this phase of life, the guilt drove me to prepare this amazing meal with all these healthy dishes. Well, it was 8:30pm by the time I was done, everyone was cranky, and nobody really appreciated my extra work. So back to mac & cheese we went, and back to peace. Your goals are great! Keep grace in the picture for yourself, & do what you do best: plans are great, but you are GREAT at going with the flow, too. And you are a great mommy!