Sunday, August 28, 2011

on a budget . . . buy invites at costco!

I'm trying to figure out how to write short and to-the-point blogs. However (as my husband would point out)...I'm kind of long-winded. Trying to get over it...I just like giving lots of details (even though you could live without some of them).

I discovered for Judah's first bday that you can print custom invites from costco's photo center. So, he's turning 2...and i did it all over again. It's only $14.99 for 50 bday invites and envelopes included. That's a steal (especially since you can customize). They are 6x7.5 and they even throw in a few calendars w/ a photo of your choice for free. Under the "more" tab they have an option for a custom template. Check it out if you are into designing your own cards...

Take a look at Judah's 2nd bday party invite...=)
Thinking of Joe (I blurred out the contact info...)

Note to self too: I did a little survey from moms with kids on facebook as to what time to throw a bday party. There was an overwhelming 10am-12pm we are going to try it out...I'll let you know how it is coming soon before baby #2 hopefully!

Ps: Thanks again to Alyssa Ballisty for shooting the photos of Judah in the laundromat!

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