Saturday, June 2, 2012

What Does Your Family Subscribe to in the Summer?

It's summer time, and with that comes an added need to get out of the house. The kids are home, it's hot, and boredom sets in. What do you opt for? I'm trying to figure out where I'll get the most bang for my buck. Any suggestions? These are a few I'm looking into.

1. Fairytale Town Membership:
They have 8 different levels of membership options. To cover my weekday needs, I would only have to pay $40 for an entire year to take Judah & Ireland is free. That's totally worth it. But the drive is about 30 minutes from my house. Judah loves this park- and it has great shade for the summer heat too. Might be worth it. I do have to say we go with Capital MOMS a few times a year too, so it could save money in the long run.

2. Folsom Zoo Membership:
We love the Folsom Zoo. It's about 5 minutes from my house. They have a great park you could pack your lunch and picnic in too. The only catch for me is the train ride. It would be probably and extra $4 every time we would go because Judah would not be able to focus until we went on the train. Decisions, decisions. I do love the area though. We love the Library right there too. Is it worth it? I feel like it could get boring with just me and the two kids. Any one else have a membership here? Cost is $60 for a year! Not bad.

3. Sacramento Children's Museum:
I  have to admit, I did not have a good first experience here, and we haven't been back. But I've got close friends that have memberships and walk there almost weekly from their houses. The company and friendship alone could be worth it. I guess I have to get over myself and my issues with our first experience. My family cost would be $65 (Ireland is free, and we probably wouldn't go with Joe much.) The next tier up is $90 once Ireland turns one and Joe would be included in that too.

4. My Gym:
I'm just adding it on this list in case you aren't familiar with it. I got hooked from a groupon. Then I realized how much I was spending a month ($59) and realized I could probably get way more out of that cost with another membership, which brings me to this blog. I have to say we loved our time at My Gym. I just had to cancel though to save money. That, and Ireland is getting to big to tote around. Their classes are really geared for age groups- so I was only paying for Judah to attend. If you have one child and a good size budget- it's totally worth it. Judah had a blast! So it's not an option for me anymore (we are saving money) but it could be an option for your family.

5. Folsom Aquatic Center:
We drive by this place all the time and it just looks like so much fun! The cost would be $149 for a summer swim season. And they are only open from about 1-6pm. I'm wondering how crowded it is too. It always looks packed in the summer time. Anybody a member? If you are, I would maybe consider crashing your party this summer and joining for some playdates...not sure though- it's a little pricy. Anybody a fan?

6. Capital Christian Center
So- I'm writing this blog at my parents house- and my dad said to include- "You can become a member of Capital for free just by going through Basecamp. It's free...tithing is appreciated..." ha. I just had to include it. I guess I'm kind of the marketing director too- so it makes sense. Capital Kids does offer some great events in the summer too. Check Out Summer Water Wars tomorrow (June 3- click on the link above for pertinent info) or Splat Week. Gotta love it!

7. I know there are other things to do the the summer that are free (splash parks, join Capital MOMS for outings, etc) but thinking still of maybe trying something new and seeing if there is a benefit for being a member.

What does your family subscribe to in the summer time? Any of these above? Let me know, we just might crash in on your party . . .


Serena said...

I think I go through the same dilema every year! I try to join only if the membership will pay for itself. The children's Museum, Sac Zoo and fairytale town were all worth it. I always debate the aquatic center, and I'm always glad I pass, we usually go only a couple of times during the summer and it's always crowded and now with 2 kids I don't know how brave I'm going to be taking them both on my own! I've considered Art Beast...but I always feel like I can get creative at home and save some money. We try to share the memberships when possible, or ask for them for Birthday Gifts. Not only is Capital free, it's got A/C and free child care, hand me an ice cream and you just made my summer!

Kelly Sapp said...

Hi, Laine.

My kids are teens now, but I remember summertime we didn't have money to really do any kinds of memberships. One vacation, we had $80 to spend for the whole week, and of course, they were all little enough to still need naps each day, so we stayed home & scheduled 1 outing per day w/ naptime at home factored in. We budgeted 1 day @ Fairytale Town, 1 day @ Folsom Zoo (they LOVED the train!), and the rest was spent on ice cream treats, and I think a museum of some kind. We had to pay for 4 kids, so had to be selective. Other than that, we had a kiddie pool in the back and a huge backyard, so we did picnics, built indoor "forts" with blankets on hot days & watched movied in there, and tried to give the older kids some choices between 2 good options, so they felt they had some say. =) Fond memories. No regrets. I know your kids will have fun whatever you choose, because you are the queen of fun and adventure. Your kids are getting a rich childhood full of lots of experiences.