Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fireman Judah to the rescue . . .

I find it funny how kids go through various themes in life. Judah is so attached to one particular theme at a time. You all know him as my laundry lover, and it's true still, but the passion has faded. Then he became my tractor kid. Then he became my baseball kid. Now, he's my fireman.

Everything can turn into a fire station at any moment. Any object that is long and skinny now becomes a fire pole (pipe cleaners, a clarinet recorder). Any shape that is short and round is now a fire hydrant. Hats are fire helmets. The library only consists of fireman movies and firetruck books. I have to say I love this moment in time. I thrive on his obsessions and his creative imagination. It can make bribery simple or really complex. 

We are attempting potty training again at his will. And his end goal is a new fire station to play with. It's a new motivation. He's starting to request fire stuff over baseball stuff for his coming of age (turning 3) party (even though I might stick with the baseball theme). My mom has a doll house which is his fire station and we can suggest items to fit in his world, but if it's not lined up with what's in his head, it's out the door. He's very specific about what goes in his fire station (I'll have to take a picture). Playdough has become fire hoses, film roles have become hydrants (we suggested salt shakers and it was not approved). 

My little man made me smile most when we came across this toy fire truck at the outlets and it became a real world. He was Fireman Judah and he had a job- to protect and serve (and keep the fire truck clean). 

So enjoy a little glimpse into my world {everyday laine}:

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Serena said...

He's adorable and seems to be pretty consistent with cleaning. I was just telling my husband how i'm loving this age of "personality" I recently asked Henry what he wanted to be when he grows up and he said "a ducky" (my kid's a quack up) so at least a fireman seems pretty obtainable.