Sunday, July 15, 2012

Big Boy Undies!

It's time I officially post about my grown up boy! We are completely potty-trained and wearing big boy undies (I say "we" because I feel like I played a little part- but you do realize I've been trained for a while now - ha).  I have to say the truth "when they are ready, they're ready" could never have been more TRUE in our case.

We have had Judah in a potty-training class at preschool since he was 2 (cause they have to be in that class to be apart of school) so he's been exposed to it 3 days a week for a while now- but they don't force your kid to take part till they are ready. I attempted 2 off-weekends of potty training that ended up pretty much unsuccessful because he wasn't ready, and we didn't like being bound at home - plus I didn't want the fight. The first weekend, Judah found places to potty in our house and blamed it on a dog we don't own.  The second, was just an extra load of laundry.

Then, one day around 4th of July weekend he said, "Mom- I've got to go pee. Then, Mom - I've got to go poop." (sorry for the potty talk, but it becomes very normal when you have a 2 year old). And from there on out- he just told me every time, and we haven't had any accidents. Seriously- it was just like it clicked and he decided he wanted to wear big boy undies forever. He's got an amazing bladder that lasts through naps and bedtime. So we are totally saving some money month-to-month now. If you know me, I love to be out-and-about...and he has mastered going potty in restaurants, malls, libraries, starbucks- you get the point- he can go wherever there is a potty!

We did a couple shopping trips for specific "fireman" undies (which are boxer briefs and he thinks they are shorts and wants to wear them in public- he literally laid down on the cement outside the store and begged me to put them on- I so wish I had a photo of that moment! luckily we had matching pjs we convinced him to put on top) and my favorite undies, gap kids (outlets always have great deals- they just wash really well, fit good, and last a whole lot longer- if you were looking for my 2 cents).

Yep- I'm bragging about my kid. He's 2 1/2 (will be 3 in October) and we accomplished a major feet without much work. If you want my advice, don't fight them, just wait till they are ready! (I'm no parenting pro though- we'll see how Izzy does).

My everydays just got a little easier. It's less work using the potty than changing diapers all the time. No more kicking feet! I've got a grown up little man. Time is flying by. On to the next thing.

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