Thursday, March 31, 2011

Birthday Love . . .

Many people ask the famous questions- "Are you doing anything special for your birthday?"

I guess as the years pass, the special moments in life just become different than some fabulous party or outrageous plan. I'm not going to lie, I like good parties, but there is something special to me about hanging out with close friends and eating good food these days.

So...I feel quite celebrated this week! I was spoiled and loved by many...

1. Got to spend good quality time with Capital MOMS at petroglyphs painting some pottery. I guess, just getting away for night with girlfriends is always a special treat!

2. My good friend Aubrey made these amazing blocks for me! I'm so "blessed"...=)

3. My mom treated me to a shopping outing on Sunday. Gotta love shopping!

4. Went to great Chinese food with work friends...and they picked up the bill!

5. Got my first call from my grandpa on my birthday! (He's the first one to call every year)

6. Spoiled on facebook with several "happy birthdays"...I love how people come out of the woodworks to say happy birthday on Facebook. Always reminds me of memories shared with good friends (even if we don't hang out all the time these days)...

7. Having a game night with some close friends- playing the "Newlywed Game" of my favs...=)

8. Getting special cards in the mail. Always a treat!

9. Spending time with family (I'm sure we'll be going to dinner)!

10. We are having a photoshoot on Saturday with (Alyssa Ballisty Photography) out at Rancho Murieta golf course then hanging out w/ the inlaws for bday treats!

11. Joe is (and always does) spoiling me with a date night...(We kind of combine our Anniversary and Birthdays all into one trip- our San Fran trip we took at the beginning of the month. Joe's bday is 10 days after mine)

12. We went to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant that I was craving last night...then had a nice walk to Dairy Queen for some treats...

12. My mom is treating me to breakfast and pedi's on Friday (can't wait!)

13. The list could go on and on...from texts and extra special notes and recognition.

So, yes...I'm blessed and always spoiled on my birthday! Thanks for caring and loving me!

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alex said...

I agree, spending time with the ones you love is special no matter where you are.
Happy Birthday:)