Tuesday, March 15, 2011

life lessons ...

Since the last time I wrote a lot has happened:

1. We won the cheer competition! YEAH! First place in the co-ed division. Super fun trip to round out the year. Makes it all kind of worth it...

2. MOMS group had a playdate with Good Day Sacramento (even though the tsunami took our live camera away from the event, it was a huge success! Can't say thank you enough to Master's Commission, Caitlin, & Aubrey for getting up super early to help set up!)

3. Judah has decided he likes to throw tantrums. Seriously, it happened over night. I'm needing any and all advice in the discipline department. This kid could careless about the word "no" and he enjoys watching me get mad at him. It's ridiculous. I'm learning a few tips from my mom, but any extra advice on tantrums and discipline would be great! Comment away! (Praying our second kid is a little more like cousin Ella- she's the sweetest most mild and meek child!)

4. Work, work, work- trying to keep up with all the campaigns we are about to launch and the daily stuff...not to mention I'm just now entering the second trimester so I've been a little tired these past few weeks.

5. Conquered the Bed Time Blues with Judah. Finally agreed to put him in his crib at 8 every night with a strict bedtime routine. We got in a bad habit of letting him fall asleep on the couch with us. But with baby 2 on the way, we had to fix this...So, Judah now crashes on his own (after the first night of screaming for 45 minutes, the second night for 10, then the 3rd night was so peaceful...he caught on quick) Thank you to all my friends (especially Aubrey for the encouraging words and will power to do this)...We love our evening so much more now!

6. A quick looks a baby #2- no names yet...we think it's a boy (i do have a girl name picked out)...Joe and I just know too many people, we can't come up with anything we like that somebody doesn't already have or that we put a face our first ultrasound at 11 weeks (i'm a little slower the second time around)

I think that sums up most of what I've been doing. Oh, and watching the Bachelor (which I'm super excited that he picked Emily- yes, I do like the Bachelor) I guess that has been taking me away from blogging too...between falling asleep early on the couch and watching lame tv- I've been away from the blogging world...

I titled this post "Life Lessons" because I've been asked to speak on that topic to our Master's Commission students tomorrow. I left all my notes up at the office, but I always like stopping to think about what I've experienced in my life that would be interesting to share. I did this 2 times before on separate topics, and realized that I have to put myself back in the shoes of a college student and what i liked to talk about at that age (yep, I'm old- turning 28 this month, on my way to 30 shortly...)

So, I'm going to talk about my Twentysomethings (the good and the not so great times). I came across this awesome book when I was in college- Perspectives: A Spiritual Life Guide For Twentysomethings by Colin Creel- I really enjoyed it- and it had a lot of talking to do about "waiting." I think I felt like I was in limbo during that early stage of my 20's. Studying for what I was going to become (a high school theater teacher- which I'm completely NOT doing right now), dating people that were not right for me- really just waiting to get out of that stage of life and enter what I was really going to do in the future. I had no clue what that was going to be at the time...but it was all part of the waiting stage- waiting on God to lead/guide me and point me in the direction for my rest is to be explored as I talk tomorrow to these young twentysomethings. (I'm old, married, almost have 2 kids)...blah blah blah

Pray that what I need to say comes out just right! Or more importantly, that what God wants to speak through me actually impacts one of these students.

This is a catch up...not really all that interesting...but a catch up so I can keep blogging from here!

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Aubrey said...

You're an amazing wife, mom, employee, friend, coach and so much more Laine. And you make me feel really old. I turn 29 in less than two short months. The end of my twentysomethings will come to an end. But with a marriage of going on 9 years and 4 kids to show for it I am looking forward to my thirties. Bring it on!!!