Monday, March 21, 2011

Let someone else praise you, not your own mouth...

So...this is a blog really for my husband...but I'll let those of you in my life read it as well...cause it's a good reminder to myself (and those wives out there...)

We were hanging out with some friends the other night for dinner and enjoying the conversation...Joe began discussing the amazing plans for the upcoming special needs prom, "Evening of Dreams" {} and started taking some credit for his input...I jokingly said remember that verse in Proverbs- paraphrasing "don't let praise yourself, let others do it"...and he jokingly (but not so jokingly said) "well, if you did it for me, I wouldn't have to do it for myself..."

We really were laughing and joking, nothing was putting each other down (I guess you kind of had to be there)...but I walked away from that night thinking to myself...I really could do's not that I don't think good things about my husband...I actually feel like I think pretty positively about him...but I don't really talk that openly in front of other people (especially when he is present) about how amazing I think he is...I think it's sometimes easier to talk highly about him when he's not around...weird I know (I think I've even heard my dad say something similar to this regarding thoughts about my mom...maybe it's a weird trait I inherited from him)...

So...I know we are all not sitting down together in a room, but here's a start...

Praise for my husband:

1. He's always been the provider for our household (even when times got really lean, he found a way to make life continue)
2. He has always made me feel secure in our relationship (I've never doubted his love for me)
3. He's got is own unique authentic relationship with God (different than the typical raised Christian)
4. He keeps our home immaculate (yep, he's the cleaner in our relationship...the dishes, the floors)
5. He does the laundry (yep, weekly laundry, and folds my clothes too)
6. He washes our sheets once a week (if you were ever a roommate of mine in college- you would understand why I appreciate this one so much)
7. He takes care of any problems I have right away (he's a "get it done" kind of person)
8. He's actually a pretty good communicator (he likes to talk)
9. He picks up after Judah and I (when we have play time together, Joe likes to clean up the aftermath- maybe "like" is an overstatement- but he always follows up and picks up)
10. He gets home after work and still will take Judah for a drive up the street in his car (even though he's probably pretty tired)
11. He let's me get away with take out or "to-go" food even when he's trying to eat healthy, because it's less work for me...
12. He watches the little man so I can go do kickboxing at 24
13. He helps me serve at church (simply worship, moms group outings...probably not his number one thing to do- but he helps me out regardless)
14. He cares about my happiness (he wants to see my happy)
15. He plans get aways and date nights to help give me breaks from the madness
16. He encourages me not to get overcommitted to things
17. He excuses my late requests for parties or obligations (when I should have confirmed weeks prior)
18. He helps keep me accountable
19. He cares about giving back (helping with Equal Start at Oakridge, Evening of Dreams, etc)
20. He worked hard to get this new job (which has hopefully taken away a big stress load in the financial stability department)
21. He's confident (confident in who he is, what he believes, what he stands for- not in a cocky way which can be pre-conceived before you get to know him)
22. He shows up at my work unexpected to take me to lunch
23. He's a great sounding board when I'm frustrated (and always willing to give good advice)
24. He loves meeting and talking to new people (I love how we are constantly building new friendships!)
25. He loves family (both mine and his)
26. He's a negotiator and compromiser on the important things
27. He's always wanting to learn and grow (taking new tests for work and expanding his education and knowledge)
28. He loves to read (even though I pull him from that good habit- he still loves it)
29. He's my protector (I always feel safe and secure in his arms)
30. He's honest (almost brutely honest sometimes...but I guess I like that)
31. He's an amazing dad! (Judah loves him and looks up to him, and he always finds the time to play with him- even when he's a lot of work...)
32. He's a great friend (I just like hanging out with him, going shopping- which he's great at too- and eating good food, movies, friends, game nights)'s a good start... 32 reasons since he's 32 years old (turning 33 on April 10)
I could go on and on...but some of you have probably already stopped reading...

Love you babe- I'll work on praising you more often so you don't have too!

Proverbs 27:2


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Thanks for the reminder! It's totally true that it's easier to brag on your man when they are not there! But it's good to do it! Good blog...thanks for sharing!

Kristi B said...

Really great post! Loved it!