Thursday, January 20, 2011

Great Expectations

As I am sure many of you know by now, Laine and I are expecting our second child. While this has brought great joy and excitement in our household it has once again caused me to pause and weigh the gravity of the situation. When we first learned Judah was coming I was consumed with thoughts of "I don't like changing diapers", "Sleepless nights", "there goes our freedom" and "am I really ready for this??"!!!

Now, #2 is on his way (yes,praying for a boy and speaking it into existence now)all of the old thoughts are racing through my mind. I mean, I have just gotten used to one child, now 2? Needless to say I haven't been sleeping well lately. Thankfully he won't be here tomorrow and we have some time to soak all this in and prepare.

Yup, the next few months shall be interesting, and we will keep you updated along the way. From Laine's progress, finding out the sex (even though we already know its a boy), transitioning Judah to a big boy bed and of course the arrival of the new mister man!!!! We will keep you in the loop for the entire journey. In the meantime.........

(Laine speaking here: In the meantime ... You all need to help give me some topics for Joe to write on...he's too quick and to the come he doesn't like to write long emotional blogs? I guess that gives you a little look into our relationship.)

Yesterday's Surprise:
Take a peek into how we told Joe's parents the second is on the way...

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warriorwoman said...

Soooo special! I love the way you announced it. Sweet.