Tuesday, January 4, 2011

shabby chic :: part I

My brother & sister-in-law will be welcoming a little baby girl "ella" into the world near or around February 19. We couldn't be more excited because our world right now is all about how to shop for a little boy and get dirty. If you ever have done any baby girl shopping, you would understand why I'm so excited...girl clothes and frills are simply hard to resist.

We are throwing Melissa a shower for baby Ella on Saturday. She's got a "shabby chic" theme going on in her room, so our decor and theme for the shower naturally is "shabby chic." I've found that I have a hard time going there in my head, because my home is so not shabby chic (I'll do a blog on my home decor another time), however, I'm loving every minute of exploring antique stores, thrift stores, and other shabby chic blogs for ideas. I love opening my mind to new things and designs.

We were also inspired for the theme by reading this blog- "Hostest with the Mostest"

I can't ruin all the elements of surprise before the shower, but I thought I would share a few simple craft ideas that I discovered from reading blogs and then of course watching the hands of my good friend Aubrey Stewart (soon to start an Etsy store - which I will link to later). They are so simple and fun and make a big impact- statement if you are planning a party any time soon and need some cheap fun is a good start...sorry if this is so last year for you...but I'm just getting around to learning all these new fun things.

If you live in Sacramento and have never been to "Wrapped All Up" and you enjoy throwing parties or gift are missing out! I bought the tissue paper (which they sell all unique colors) for $2.50 for 24 sheets. Each pom pom tissue ball takes 8 pieces of tissue. I initially saw these on a party blog which I can't recall at this point in time...but then Aubrey showed me how to do it and I realized how simple it really was...Here is a good written tutorial you can follow from Martha Stewart...Or just search "pom pom tissue tutorial"...and you'll come up with video how to's and more...This was my first attempt:

I was first introduced to the idea that you could even make these again by my friend Aubrey Stewart. After she convinced me that they were easy to do...I decided to give them a try. They are the perfect hair accessory and they can make anything look a little more "done up" I was sold. We will be using them as little perks throughout Mel's shower...Here is a great tutorial (or again, just search "fabric rosette tutorial" and you'll come up with a ton of great links)...This was my first attempt (taken from my phone camera).

I'll throw up more photos and pictures from the shower after it takes place on Saturday...This is just Part I of the Shabby Chic collection...=)

Today's Surprise:
My lovely husband surprised me at work today. The only bummer was that I was in a meeting, but I got to see his handsome face for a second (one of the perks of working with friends and for my dad)...wishing I would've taken a picture for you...maybe next time...but the real surprise for you is that he is going to be a guest blogger on here on Wednesdays. We are going to call it the "average joe" spot- since I'm {everyday laine}...I think it would be fun for you to hear about life from my husband's perspective...I'm sure it's a whole lot different than mine...ha ha!

More to come this week (especially tomorrow)!

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