Sunday, January 16, 2011

then there was TWO . . .

The first question you get asked after getting married is, "When are you going to have kids?" I guess it's just part of the natural cycle in life, so it really never annoyed me. Joe and I knew we wanted children. We had talked about having 3, and our preference was all boys (with the cliche answer- but of course we will be happy with whatever God blesses us with.) I still feel the same. We are approaching our 3rd anniversary on March 1.

Joe probably wouldn't have minded if we got pregnant on our honeymoon, but I wanted to wait a little. We thought we would start trying around our 1 year anniversary. Then, all those questions pop through your mind, "what if it takes us forever to get pregnant? are we financially ready? (the answer will always be no to that one) how will that fit in to my work schedule? what in my life will i have to give up?" etc. etc. etc. So, we got the itch around Thanksgiving (a few months shy of our 1 year anniversary- just to see what the outcome would be) I think I took a pregnancy test a couple of weeks later, and I have to admit, when it said I was NOT pregnant, I was a little disappointed. Weirdly so since I wasn't so sure I was ready. Then, one more month went by, and we took the pregnancy test again- sure enough...the Little Man was starting his journey into this world. We understand that life is a miracle. They say God knows how much you can handle, and I'm not so sure I would've handled years and years of trying. So, just a little shy of our 2nd year wedding anniversary, we welcomed Mr.Judah into the world.

After you have your first child, guess what question you get asked by the population next? Yep, "when are you going to start trying for another?" Again, those questions don't bug me because Joe and I have talked about it...We wanted to have our kids close together (probably because that's how I was raised and my brothers and I are still really close). We were telling people probably by the time Judah turned 1 we would start trying again. However, at the time that he did turn 1- my life was a little crazy. He was walking by 1 and into destroying our house (you can read Joe's blog about that), I was working only 2 days in the office (2 at home), I was also coaching cheerleading...and it just didn't seem like the right time. I think I might have felt a little overwhelmed by the idea. Joe was also in the process of possibly switching careers. We continued discussing it, but never really came to a clear decision on when to make the move...

There is something about the holiday season that must bring out the love in our home. I don't know if it's because we have extra days off, or just the lights, glamour and gift-giving...but we are excited to announce that there will be another little mr/mrs joining our family. I think I told Joe that I was pregnant that night. Then the cravings for McDonalds, the hunger for breakfast, the extra trips to the restroom began to happen. I just knew it. We took 2 pregnancy tests yesterday before attending Joe's mother's birthday party. Sure enough, those tests don't lie. I took the first one right before leaving for the party and was assured that my intuition was on track. Joe wasn't so sure, and I brought the second one with me to the restaurant, snuck into the bathroom right when we got there, and came out with another positive test.

The crazy part about all of this is that the due date would be the exact same as Judah's, September 28 (my dad's birthday again)...even though Judah decided to come on October 1 (a little late)...We are hoping this one will show a little early this time around. It's going to be a fun ride. Judah and his brother/sister will be almost exactly 2 years apart. It will be fun to track the differences between our second and first child. You always here no 2 kids are alike. We are going to enjoy experiencing that for ourselves now.

I'm not worried about splitting the love between the 2 yet...I already feel like part of my heart is opening up to the wonder of this new life. I'm sure it will be tricky (I obviously haven't had that experience yet)...but I'll keep you updated along the way! I'm excited to explore names again (we'll find out the sex right around Mother's Day in May) our house to make room...and enjoy my pregnancy journey number 2.

Sorry about not updating the blog this week like I said...I guess I might have been a little tired and expectant for what was to come...we'll get back on it this week!

Today's Surprise:
Judah is going to be a big brother!

Coming this week:
1. More surprises (just because that's the way God likes to work in our lives)
2. Shabby Chic Part 2 (it was a blast...and I want to share still)
3. Average Joe (he'll do it again...i promise)
4. And more....


the baileys said...

Congratulations, Laine! 2 are so much fun! You'll figure out how to manage 2 really quickly and love every minute(except when they are both sick at the same time:) You guys are so blessed! I hope the next 9 months go by fast and easy!

Ashley Bailey

SheriLynn Alcala said...

I did not even know you were prego again!!! Congrats ;) When are you due?