Saturday, July 2, 2011

Judah's Toddler Room {Part 1}'s official. We finally sold are old guest bedroom furniture (after convincing Joe that 10 years in storage would cost about $6k and then looking at options for what we could get w/ the money from the set...he was sold).

We went out and got Joe an ipad (mainly to use for work, but he's been playing on it every since)...and then we will head to ikea to get some stuff for our playroom - i'll keep you updated on our finds there as well...

In the meantime...I wanted to post the first pictures of what his "big boy" room will look like...the start anyways. He's super excited about being able to get on and off his bed...even though we haven't put it all together yet.

Reminder: we got all this stuff that you'll see in the pictures below for only $120 off of craigslist (one of my favorite places to shop).
1. Full size bed which includes a book shelf space as the headboard
2. Two nightstands that are the perfect toddler height
3. One- 8 drawer dresser which fits perfectly under his window...
4. One- 5 drawer dresser which will fit lots of clothes.

Overall, it was probably one of my favorite buys of all times. It was old 1950's original furniture that we had to sand, prime, and paint. So lots of love has gone into this purchase as well.

Here is the before:

Here is the after:

Things still to do:
1. We have old frames of artwork that went with our guest stuff, and we are going to paint them and stick family photos or retro artwork in them to liven up the walls.
2. Get knobs for the dressers and those sheets that make the drawers smell good...
3. Get new window coverings
4. Get the full bed mattress (no boxspring for now) we are going to keep it low to the ground.
5. Clean out the closet and move his clothes over (we were using it for storage...=)

But it's a great start...more to come in {part 2} as we piece it all together!

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judyleigh said...

Laine that is sooo cute. You really got the design and bargin gene
love Aunt Judy