Saturday, July 30, 2011

swimming lessons . . . just keep swimming, just keep swimming

I'm sure most of you have seen Finding Nemo at some point in your life. If not, it's a cute story of a little fish who has to prove how brave he is and ends up getting captured but then has a great escape moment. My little man is similar - he likes to think of himself as an adventurous spirit and once he sets his mind to something, it's really tricky distracting him away from his goals.

For mother's day, my mom got me a gift of swim lessons with Judah. They have a pool at their house, and it's a great way to get him used to the water, teach us some tricks on how to make it fun and also learn some safety tips. We got a deal on Living Social at the Swimstitute which has worked out well since it's pretty close to our house. We are in the class for 6 month-24 month olds. Judah is the oldest in the class and also probably the loudest. I wish the 6 month olds new how to say the word "NO" as well as he does.

As with any class, there are parts he likes and parts he doesn't like. He loves singing the songs, climbing in and out of the pool and playing with the toys (balls, floating sticks, and his new favorite "turtles"). He's not a huge fan of getting dunked, having to trade off to the instructor holding him, and sometimes once he climbs out he thinks he should stay out of the water (the instructor today chased him around the pool for me - I think she felt sorry for me cause I was struggling climbing out w/ the prego belly...)

Regardless of what we learn (or if we walk away a swimmer), it's been a fun bonding time for us and it wipes him out too. I also invested in a washable swim diaper (like $7- which you can find at Target, Walmart, etc) and it's saving us some money (they don't allow disposable diapers in this pool). We've only got 2 more classes left and it's been a fun journey. However, I'm thinking next summer is really going to be the fun one for him.

I wish I had on camera the moments of tears and his loud echoing "no's" but I try to capture the happy moments. Here is a quick glance of blowing bubbles:

It's nothing really too significant today, just the summer Saturday morning routine.

Enjoy your weekend!

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