Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oh to be more like "momo" aka Grandma . . .

I'm not sure if it's just because he's my child and I have to get things done around the house, work, grow another child inside or me, etc...but there is something so unique and creative about the way my mother interacts with Judah vs. how I operate.

Growing up, I always wanted to be like my mom - I guess things never change. I truly had a great and spoiled childhood. I remember various arts and crafts and adventures for treasure that my mom would take us on. Our home was never boring. I don't remember my mother ever laying on the couch watching TV while we played quietly by ourselves. It was quite the opposite. It was full-tilt, full-energy all the time. I'm sure she's probably thinking, "Glad that's all she remembers!" But it's true or it's what stuck with me. I want those same kind of memories to be part of my kids history. I still have that desire to develop into the mom that God wants me to be (which I know is a work in progress). I know He is the supplier of all things creative, energy, life, fun, etc- maybe I just need to tap in a little more.

We dropped Judah off for a night with "Momo & Popo" and he runs instantaneously into their arms with abandon. He knows that he's going to have the time of his life with them. They have the ability and time as grandparents to give him their undivided attention and say "YES" to everything he wants to do. It's amazing too - because he just goes through a routine of his quirks with them:

1. Do laundry
2. Play "hoop" with the ball (basketball in other words- he stands on a stool and they cheer wildly- I need to get the video from them to show you what i'm referring to here)
3. Play with the "turtle" slide (a little activity toy)
4. Play the "trump" with Popo (my dad learned how to play Hammer Noah and If You're Happy and You Know It on the trumpet)
5. Take a nice little stroll in the backyard
6. Pick some blackberries (I new found favorite)
7. Eat lots of treats
8. Play the Piano
I know there are lots more- but I'm drawing a blank right now...

You get the picture though. The best is just the dialogue that occurs. My mom could probably talk to a wall if it was socially acceptable, but she's just super talented at carrying on conversations with an almost 2 year old (or any aged child for that matter). She creates super interesting stories that captivate his attention and keep him wanting more.

For instance, when we were dropping Judah off - she got out the Noah's ark boat and animals and had them all talking to Judah as characters. I probably would have given Judah the ark and said, "Wow, isn't that cool- an elephant, giraffe, bear, etc - have fun playing with it" how entertaining is that? Don't get me wrong though- I do have some good days where my mind starts rushing with stories (or I copy a story I've heard my mom do with him)...

I'm not trying to go for a guilt trip here either. You don't have to pump me up with how good of a mother I am (haha)...Just saying that I think I realize sometimes where my weaknesses are- and thinking if I tapped into God a little more (as stated above) that I would find that renewed since of awe and rambling it takes to keep a 2 year old entertained.

I guess this is all just a reminder to myself (and hopefully and encouragement to you) that we all have our good and bad days. The best part is- God asks us to throw our burdens and cares and "tiredness" on Him- because He wants to carry that load. The more in tune I am with God (hopefully this isn't freaking anyone out) the more energy, joy, love and excitement I have for life - and I want to then share that enthusiasm with Judah (and Ireland to come)!

Just a wordy blog today. Heading to San Fran this weekend for a mini-family vacation with just the 3 of us before Ireland's arrival. I'll have picts and videos to come I'm sure! Stay tuned...

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Jen said...

Oh girl, I am so with you! I fight feelings of guilt every day for how I feel I missed some kind of mothering gene because I'm not always fun or trying to be actively engaging with my kids. But I just try to remind myself each day that God made me who I am and He will help me be the best parent I can be. I remember your mom when I was little. I STILL remember sitting in our second grade classroom listening to her stories. She had the BEST stories. You're doing great...Thanks for being so real! Hugs and love to you!