Friday, September 16, 2011

Ireland's Updated Dr. Seuss Room

Well, I've only got 7 days left to prepare for a big change in our family. Ireland Laine will be arriving on Thursday, September 22 (I'm getting induced!). I'm ready to not have my big belly swinging around in front of me anymore - it's starting to really get in the way of things I want to do.

So, thanks to my wonderful husband and amazing mom, we made some progress in Ireland's room. I was extremely blessed at her shower, and was able to take a lot of goodies home with me to decorate and update the more boyish nursery to girly frills (thanks to Aubrey Stewart for her craftiness).

Here's a look at our improved nursery:

We just added bows to the curtains (which are really shower curtains but it tied in the Dr. Seuss theme and added some color to that side of the room) mom updated the lamp shade with left over fabric and rosettes from the shower...and my sister-in-law Alicia created a bow frame for me that matches all my wild colors!

An upclose look at the frame:

An upclose look at the lamp shade:

The three circle rugs are from ikea ($10 a piece) and cover up three windows that used to let in a ton of light (a brilliant idea my mom came up with). We then hung the "Ireland" banner across them for that personal touch.

We switched out the blue changing pad with a red one:

Probably my favorite part of the room. The "Izzy" letters wrapped in yarn and the hanging fabric that just gives it that girly feel. I still might paint the knobs on the dresser, just not in the mood for another project quite yet.

Well, in just a few short days we will be asking for a table for 4 instead of 3. Excited about our growing family. Feeling ready to meet our little girl!

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Oldnavigirl said...

It all looks really great!