Saturday, September 3, 2011

Potty Training Day 1 {part 1}

Judah has been showing some interest for going potty on the "big boy seat" so we decided to try and dedicate Labor Day weekend to seeing if it sticks. He's almost 2 (just one month shy) and I've been told Joe was potty trained before age 2, so we are thinking maybe it'll run in the family.

Our first advice we were told, was to take him on trips to get "big boy undies," a potty seat, and some M&M's. He was really into purchasing all of these items.
1. Tractor undies for Gap Outlet

My mom also splurged and got him some shark undies too:

2. Potty Seat at Babies R Us (Baby Bjorn)

3. M&M's- big bag from costco to last us for the weekend (plus the parents get a treat too right?)

We have sat him on the seat (without actually going) a few times now, just to test it out and get him excited about the M&M treats, etc. I also was informed about the Pull Ups "I Go Potty" app, so both Joe and I downloaded it for free. They have a funny "Potty Dance" video that we have watched a few times and tried to emulate (I'll have to get that on video as well).

He's still sleeping, but first thing on the "to do" list today is to get him stripped down and let him walk around naked all day. I'll let you know how it goes. Stay tuned for part 2 of day 1.

Here is the video of our way to Baby Gap outlets for "tractor undies"...

(PS- guess we need to get rid of the pacifier too- one step at a time people, one step at a time)

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